By withdrawing its development application,  KDC Solar acknowledged that it is not in its best interest to pursue development of the Sanofi solar power plant in Bedminster’s rural residential zone.

SSHPP applauds KDC Solar’s decision to seek alternatives to developing a solar power plant on the Kirby Farm in Bedminster.  SSHPP would support a decision to site a solar facility on the Sanofi campus parking lots and rooftops in Bridgewater Township.

Since its inception in the fall of 2012, SSHPP, a coalition of local residents, has partnered with the Raritan Headwaters Association, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition and over 600 individual supporters in opposing the KDC Solar development application.

SSHPP extends its sincere thanks to all those who helped us preserve Bedminster’s rural residential zoning. 

The Back Story

KDC Solar of Bedminster in December, 2012, filed its variance application to develop an industrial scale solar power plant on the Kirby Farm located at the corner of Country Club and Meadow Road in Bedminster.  The application proposes the installation of a 34,000 panel industrial-scale power plant on the 107 acre residentially zoned farm. The electric generating facility would only be used to power the Sanofi Campus located on Route 202/206 in Bridgewater.  The proposal includes the clear cutting of 38 acres of forested land, the destruction of meadows, critical habitat and hay fields and the removal of the landmark barn.

Stop Somerset Hills Power Plant is a citizens group organized to defeat the development application of an industrialscale solar power plant proposed to be built in Bedminster’s 10-acre rural residential zone.

Stop Somerset Hills Power Plant supports the development and deployment of solar energy panels on rooftops and parking lots.  We also support the preservation and protection of farmlands, woodlands and open spaces, as well as the scenic beauty of our community.

We believe that industrial solar power plants covering over farmland and open space, including clear cutting of forest , is NOT in the best interest of the environment and conservation minded people and organizations. There is NO NEED to invade prime farmland, environmentally critical areas, historic districts, parks, and wildlife habitats to meet our statewide planning objectives for renewable energy.

Thank you for your support.