Quick Facts


The picture above shows the size of the proposed installation. The shaded areas represent the 34,000 panels. The grouping on the left is significantly larger than the Bridgewater Commons Mall. Click the image above to enlarge the blueprint.

1. The application claims the facility will produce enough electricity to power 1,053 homes (none of it will serve Bedminster).

2.  The application states the following about the conduit. “It is proposed to install one (1) casing of either 16 or 24 inches for a total length of approximately 2,000 feet”.  The electrical conduit will start at the jacking pit on the Kirby Farm travel under Country Club Road, past the Kirby East pond, under Chambers Brook, under the 2 lanes of the Rt. 78 East to Rt. 287 South link, under the 2 lanes of the Rt. 287 North to 78 East link, under 9 lanes of Route 287 to a receiving pit located on the Sanofi Campus.

3. Site plan shows (6) 2 MW Inverter Power Stations,  (1) 1 MW Inverter Power Station and (1) Main Switchboard.

4. The manufacturer and type of solar panels has not been specified.